Whole Foods: Real World Libertarian Solutions

“[Whole Foods founder] John Mackey fits the profile of a typical green-friendly liberal. He is a vegan, practices yoga, and wears hiking boots to work. Behold the founder and CEO of Whole Foods, Mecca for believers in organic foods, which was recently recognized as one of America?s most valuable companies according to BusinessWeek Magazine (and its stock multiple has at times surpassed even Google?s). But principles still come before profits in this natural food empire: Five percent of profits are donated to local communities and environmental causes; stockholders are given third priority behind customers and employees (who are lovingly called ?team members?). ”

John Mackey isn’t a Democrat, isn’t Progressive, isn’t Green, and isn’t Republican. Mackey is a Libertarian. Hammer of Truth has a blog entry about Mackey today – Whole Foods: Real World Libertarian Solutions, and Grist.org has another story about him.