By William Moore, Firearms Policy Analyst, Vermont Traditions Coalition

Please Contact Legislators Today And Demand They Oppose H. 230 Oppose H. 230 and similar Bills such as S.3, S.4 and H.447 and the unconstitutional infringements on the Right to Bear Arms for self defense in
the home, irrational 72 hour to 7 Day Waiting Periods and storage
restrictions that will not pass constitutional muster.

Last week the House Judiciary Committee advanced H. 230 which will create a real risk for those 50% plus of Vermont households who keep even a single gun accessible for home and family defense. We are told it is justified to avoid an imagined risk that is best addressed with strong families, strong schools and accessible mental health crisis and addiction services. Even as Vermont’s Attorney General opposed passage and suggests it will never survive in the Vermont Courts, these legislators act to promote the anti-gun activists agenda. Tell them to put their energy into real solutions to real problems. They work for you!

Across Vermont the mental health and addiction tsunami created in part by the Covid Lockdowns demands treatment, access to crisis care and many, many more care professionals. But your Legislature, while admitting the crisis exists and dedicating Tens of Millions of your $$s to providing tuition assistance to develop the needed care professionals, also demands you Surrender Your Rights To Defend Your Families! It will take 72 hours to buy a firearm for your sister or daughter to protect herself, but only seconds for an attacker to begin an attack in her home.

The defeat of H.230 is perhaps the most important fight we can take up since
before the Lockdowns, the closing of civil society, the imposition of
Emergency Powers by the administration and now The Bruen’s Decision.
Stalling and defeating this clear infringement says the rule of law as decided
by the SCOTUS still is the natural inheritance of every Vermont Citizen!

The Legislature can no longer say that it has a compelling interest in preventing armed crime or other injury, and then substantially burden the right to serve that interest. The Supreme Court of These United States now asserts these could end up eviscerating the right altogether. Ideologically driven “feel good” measures like those in H. 230 will deal a new cut to that evisceration.

Here is how they state it:
The Second Amendment as considered, understood and voted in 1791, “is the very
product of an interest balancing by the people and it surely elevates above all other interests the right of law-abiding, responsible citizens to use arms for self-defense. It is this balance—struck by the traditions of the American people—that demands our unqualified deference.” Justice Clarence Thomas, Majority Opinion, NYSRPA v. Bruen. 

“The Second Amendment is not “a second-class right. It is not subject to an entirely different body of rules than the other Bill of Rights guarantees.” Justice Brett Kavannaugh, Writing in Concurrence in NYSRPA v. Bruen.

Act Today and help us raise the flag of Bruens in victory against future legislation yet to come!

William Moore, Firearms Policy Analyst, Vermont Traditions Coalition